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Animal Kingdom - Disney World

Animal Kingdom's Tree of LifeNot many people who are looking to vacation at the Disney World Resort realize that there are actually four separate theme parks. Most people assume that Central Florida or rather the Orlando area is home to only the Magic Kingdom theme park. The Disney World Resort actually holds the four major theme parks as well as two water parks and a wide variety of hotels. Each theme park is home to its own unique rides and attractions, so it is easy to see why the Orlando area is the “Number one destination for vacations.” Each separate theme park takes roughly a whole day to complete, so if you plan to visit the parks you should try to set aside a whole week to visit. With so many great things to see and so many attractions in each theme park the “Place where dreams come true” is the perfect choice for a vacation!

Animal Kingdom is one of Walt Disney’s most unique theme parks. Everyone loves a zoo, and when you combine a zoo with the magic of Disney you get a theme park that brings the world of the animal kingdom to life! The theme park is home to over 1,700 animals and 250 separate species. The theme park is over five hundred acres, insuring that the animals have all the room they need to enjoy their life in these lush habitats. An interesting fact about the park is that it is the largest animal themed park in the entire world. Walt Disney designed the theme park to show how dedicated the Walt Disney World company was to the natural preservation cause. The theme park is widely known in the research community for its observations and scientific Mount Everest Adventurebreakthroughs that have helped save species of wildlife around the world.

Much like the other theme parks the Animal Kingdom Park is broken down into sections to help with navigation. The park is home to seven separate areas, the first being the Oasis. The oasis exhibit is dedicated to bringing you up close and personal encounters with some of the most exotic animals in the world. The Oasis Exhibit features rides and attractions that leave you walking away with a once in a lifetime experience that few people have the opportunity to enjoy.

The second location is Camp Minnie-Mickey; here young children and adults alike get the opportunity to meet their favorite characters face to face! During the day at certain times Disney characters come out dressed in the Animal Kingdom uniform to participate with guests. The characters are accompanied by exotic animals, some times even tigers!

Camp Minnie-MickeyNext on the list is the Discovery Island attractions; one of the largest sections of the theme park. Located in the center of the park Discovery Island holds the icon of the Animal Kingdom, the Tree of Life. This massive structure can be seen from every corner of the Disney World Resort. Carved into the trunk of the tree are some of earths most exotic animals, as well as Disney characters from the classics. When your done staring in aw at the tree head on over to It’s Tough to Be a Bug, where 3D characters from “A Bugs Life” come alive in this eight minute movie that shows you just how tough it actually is to be in a colony!

When you’re done with Discovery Island be sure to visit the Asia Area, where you can find Animal Kingdoms wildest rides. You can find this area of the park by walking in the direction of the massive snow covered mountain. Snow in Florida? Well when you’re scaling Everest looking for a long lost creature it really sets the mood! This fun filled rollercoaster takes you up into the mountain where you will come face to face with the fabled yeti. But watch out, these tracks have been left alone for far to long, they might just be a greater danger than the animal! After you narrowly escape the clutches of the monster head over to Kali River and hop on the Rapids attraction. With friends and family you can ride this crazy river in a circular raft, trust us when we say you will get wet! Disney places water attractions in the theme park for those hot Florida days that come all too often; this is the perfect way to cool off!

The Kilimanjaro Safaris ExpeditionAnother great section of the theme park is the Africa area, where you get to tour the theme park in a fun and exciting way! The Kilimanjaro Safaris Expedition lets you get some up close encounters with the Animal Kingdom wildlife like you never expected! Hop in the back of a tour truck and ride through animal exhibits featuring African species! This tour is a one of the most popular in the Animal Kingdom theme park and is a must if you’re visiting!

Dino Land USA is built for the younger kids in your group. Here you can find a wide variety of fun adventures for the kids your family. The Tricera Top spin lets you ride a mythical dinosaur as it rotates, spins and flies in the air. This adrenaline pumping ride will have you dizzy in no time at all. Are your kids a fan of the sand box? Because here at the Boneyard Dig Site they can uncover all kinds of fossils and bones, excavate like the pros! Finally is the Finding Nemo Musical, a new and entertaining show that will have your kids singing along with everybody’s favorite fish!

Rafiki’s Planet Watch is located on the outer edges of the theme park; in fact it is only accessible by a train ride. Here you can see animals in their behind the scenes habitats. Control cameras and watch the animals from every direction as they pass their time in their spacious cages. One of the most interesting parts about this area is you can see the animals as they are checked by doctors each day. Learn just what it takes to keep these animals happy and content during their stay at the Animal Kingdom!

Animal Kingdom is a fun and exciting place located only at the Walt Disney World Resort! Enjoy rides, attractions and exotic animals that can be found no where else but this fantastic theme park!