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Dinner Shows - Orlando

If you’re in Central Florida and looking for something to do at night after the sun goes down then be sure to look into Orlando’s Dinner Shows. These great places offer you fantastic food and a show, so you eat while they perform for you. With Medieval Times you can watch knights joust and duel while you eat a traditional medieval meal. Head on over to the Pirates Dinner Show and watch a timeless tale of love on the high seas unfold! Or, head on over to Arabian Times and be the guests of the kings family as you become part of a wedding celebration. With festivities and a love story you are invited to dine like royalty! Solve a mystery with the Sleuths Dinner Show as you, the audience get to work your way through a murder case. Sleuth’s has several unique shows, so every time you visit it is a new mystery! Another option is to journey back into time with the thugs of Chicago when you visit Al Capone’s Dinner Show, where you are served in this old fashioned saloon. Whatever it is you seek the Orlando area has it, so jump into the fun and enjoy a hearty meal with these dinner shows!