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Although is under new ownership, this website is still your one stop shop for the best Disney Podcast around. Not only will you find the latest podcasts, you can also get all of your favorite videos, music and merchandise. Thanks for stopping by and welcome back!

Welcome Back!

Apple iPodWelcome back to! We are very excited to have you back at our site. We may have a different look, but we still serve up the hottest Disney Podcasts that you can find anywhere on the web. is now under new ownership, but you can expect to get the same great podcasts that you are used to. All of you that have visited our site before, you know that we produce high quality podcasts that provide valuable information about the Walt Disney family of theme parks and resorts, as well as the other various attractions and theme parks that call Orlando home. If you are a new visitor and you happen to stumble across our site in search of a Disney Podcast, well then you can expect to hear what we mentioned previously. We are introducing a new part of the podcast, where we go to the parks and interview visitors, like you, so you can get a firsthand account of what is like inside the wonderful world of Disney. If you stumbled upon us looking for Disney Tickets, then we can serve you also with discounted ticket prices and Disney Hotels!

If you came here looking for a Disney Podcast, you are definitely in the right place. On top of all the great podcasts that you can find here, we also offer all types of Disney media for you to enjoy. You will be able to find some great links to download Disney music, amazing links to Disney music downloads and you will be able to hear what other Disney fans have to say about their favorite subject...everything Disney! We will also share the resources that we found that will allow you to search for Disney video downloads, Disney music videos and anything else that you can think of.

As you can see, if it has the name Disney attached to it, we are all over it. We hope to provide you with a great service by presented the highest quality Disney podcast that we can provide. The information that we relay to you will help you plan for your next Disney vacation, provide you will valuable insight that will often come from Disney "insiders" and provide you with some great family entertainment. So, if you are looking for a Disney podcast, Disney music downloads, Disney music videos, Disney video downloads or anything else that has to do with Walt Disney, well then you have come to the right spot. We thank you for coming back to our site and if you are new here; we wish you a very warm welcome and we hope to see you back here soon. If you plan on vacationing with Disney this year be sure to check out Disney World Tickets with us, we are sure to have the best prices on the market!

Our Pick Five Disney Songs

Everyone loves to listen to their favorite Disney music and songs, so we thought that we give you a few suggestions if you are looking to get some great Disney Music Downloads. Here is this week's top five Disney songs:

Give a Little Whistle

5. Give a Little Whistle

Under The Sea

4. Under The Sea

Hakuna Matata

3. Hakuna Matata

I Wanna Be Like You

2. I Wanna Be Like You

Yo, Ho (It's a Pirates Life for Me)

1. Yo, Ho (Pirate's Life for Me)

If you like our weekly picks of Disney songs, well then you can get them right now on iTunes. You can also find all of the Disney Music Downloads and Disney Video Downloads that you want when you use iTunes.

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Podcasts Coming Soon!

MouseTunes LogoWe are working on brand spanking new Disney Podcast section to bring your the finest in podcasting about the very thing that you love...everything Disney! Please stick with us as we clear out the dust and check back often to see what we have to offer. We will be presenting interviews from Disney insiders, as well as first hand accounts from people that are visiting the Walt Disney family of theme parks and resorts, as well as other Orlando attractions and parks. This is a podcast for you, the listener. Who knows, perhaps one day you will hear yourself on one of our interview-casts. Then, when you get home, you can tell all your friends and family to listen as you tell about the wonderful and magical experience that you had on your trip to Disney.

Remember, this section is currently under construction, but it will be completed soon. Here is a selection of our latest Disney Podcasts:

You are going to love everything that we have to offer right here on Remember to come back as often as you like, as we are constantly updating our website. You are going to be surprised at everything that you will find here. So, sit back, relax and enjoy the show! If you're interested in going to Walt Disney World than be sure to purchase Discount Disney Tickets. It is the best way to save money when you visit! And if you are in the market for Disney Scrapbooks, be sure to check our great partner They have the best deals on scrapbooking supplies, or will even create a scrapbook for you!